Improvements to Shareist Inboxes: All Inboxes View

Pretty much everybody I talk to about Shareist agrees that the inboxes are the best part of Shareist. Shareist is a lot of different things to different people, some schedule updates to social media, others write blog posts, or newsletters, or even eBooks.

But the one thing that everybody has in common is the need to capture stuff. That stuff might be ideas, links, pictures, or tweets. And what’s great about the Inbox is that this stuff is stored in a format that can be used for posting right to Facebook, or added to a page of content for bigger purposes like a blog or a book.

The thing is, if you save stuff to two or more inboxes, it can be a bit tough to keep track of all of them. Not any more.

Now there’s a view to all of your notebooks…

Click on the All Notebooks link on the upper left. If you manage one than one inbox (which may be your private inbox and a single notebook), you’ll like this.

If you have several notebooks and many collaborators you’ll love this.

Note that you can see the elements from all collaborators, or you can choose to view only your own.

Check it out, click this link to go directly to your All inbox view.

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